5 tips to bringing your hair back to life this season

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Although we have had the odd day of sunshine in recent weeks, we can no longer deny that Autumn has well and truly settled in and winter is only weeks away. And while we dig out the winter coats and shop for our annual pair of ankle boots, we’re noticing the difference in the weather on ourselves as well as our wardrobes.

Suddenly our skin is dry, from the air conditioning and heating in the car or the office, and our hair has suddenly got a mind of its own with the damp air and misty rain. So how can we keep ourselves looking and feeling groomed during the less than pleasant months of rain and cold ahead?

According to celebrity hair stylist Asgar Saboo, now is the perfect time to repair any damage caused during the summer months and to ensure volume and shine during the autumn and winter months. Here are his top 5 tips to repairing damage and bringing life back to the hair:

  1. Switch to moisturising shampoos and conditioners with Argan Oil in them, which will help turn dry, coarse hair into a silky soft, shiny mane.
  2. Heat damage from the summer sun and hair styling tools can cause hair to become frizzy. To fix this, spritz heat protecting spray onto hair before styling or blow-drying to prevent frizz.
  3. Get a fresh trim to start the Autumn season and relieve your hair of any split-ends caused by sandy beaches and salty air which can damage hair and lead to breakage.
  4. Inject moisture back into your hair by using a hair mask once to twice a week. Say goodbye to dry hair!
  5. Create more volume by using a volume-boosting shampoo, and blow-drying the hair upside down. This technique, paired with the shampoo will ensure maximum volume added to your hair, giving you a healthier, bouncier style for the darker months ahead.