5 ways to make your manicures last

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There’s nothing quite as annoying as forking out a small fortune on a manicure or spending a good hour giving yourself a DIY mani and then you chip a nail whilst rushing around or doing the housework. Unless you’re using a cheap brand of polish, it’s usually not the fault of the product itself but rather its owner. However there are a number of extra steps you can take and do to ensure your next file and paint goes that bit further.

  • Have patience. Let each layer thoroughly dry before applying the next layer. If you’re short on time, wait and paint your nails when you have the time to spend letting the layers dry. You’ll see the results for it.
  • Base and top coats are essential. We’ve all ran out the door after throwing on a splash of red polish, but it never lasts more than a few hours. Make sure you’ve invested in a good base and top coat and you’ll see your colour lasting longer.
  • Even out your nails before painting them. While you might file your nails, you might be forgetting to rid your nails of any ridges or any uneven surfaces. While a buffer might not always do the trick, it’s a good place to start. The base coat will also help with the surface.
  • Be more delicate. While many of us can be heavy handed, protecting your mani means using gloves when cleaning and avoiding doing any heavy work – keep that for your polish-free days.
  • Keep it topped up. Try and seal the colour every day or two for extra lasting power. Use a top coat and brush it over the edge of your nail and you’ll notice a massive reduction in its chipping power.