Beauty | All eyes on the scalp for healthy hair

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Forget the fancy shampoos and treatments to fix your hair, it is time to focus on nurturing and caring for your scalp to create perfect locks.

Years of colouring, different hair products and different climes all play havoc on our hair. According to the experts, we have been focusing on the wrong areas to fix our bad hair days. Instead, we should be concentrating on improving the blood circulation and balancing the scalp’s natural oils to rejuvenate our hair.

Washing too much and incorrectly are the primary reasons why we suffer from bad hair. But there are a few tricks to the trade to getting our scalp back in condition and finally have the beautiful locks we all want.

Give some TLC to your scalp. We do not need that much product when washing, and make sure to massage your head correctly. Place all 10 fingertips on your scalp and massage the same way you would knead dough, working from the front of your head to the back.

Do not use plastic bristle brushes and do not scratch your scalp with your fingernail. However, do brush your hair daily to distribute the natural oils.

Avoid extreme temperatures, and ensure to cover your head with a hat to avoid the sun and harsher climes. Similarly, avoid washing your hair with extreme hot water. Many pillowcase material can absorb natural oil from your hair so try to sleep on a satin cloth, or use a satin headscarf or cap.

The right products

Choose hair care products that leaves your hair free from product buildup and provides the right amount of moisture for your hair to prevent dryness that leads to breakage. Find out what condition your scalp is in and get the products to suit that type.

A clarifying shampoo should also be used once a month, while you should not use any products that are creamy in texture.

As with everything, a healthy diet also places a big part in having a healthy scalp.