Beauty | Coloured Hair: Learn how to keep it

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Coloured hair looks vibrant, fresh and healthy. That is until it starts to fade, and it looks more lacklustre than lovely. So, how can you maintain that colour for as long as possible?

Whether you professionally or personally get your hair dyed, the colour gradually fades over time.

Unfortunately, the colour can fade a lot quicker than expected if the hair is not treated or maintained properly. Hair colour can make the hair more porous, which causes it to absorb and release moisture more easily. This can cause loss of colour molecules every time your hair gets wet.

Hair colours with natural oils can help retain moisture in your coloured-treated hair and leave it looking shiny and healthy. That is why it is important that you, or your hairdresser, uses a colour with conditioning properties, such as ammonia-free products.

To prevent water from washing away your vibrant colour, wash your hair less often. Shampoo just two to three times per week to retain those natural oils. When you shampoo, use lukewarm water or cooler water temperatures. Very hot water leeches dye out of hair faster and strips the colour as it opens the surface of the hair strand, which causes the dye molecules to escape.

Use dry shampoo during the in-between days at the roots to soak up oil. Ensure to condition your hair every time with a colour protecting conditioner. If you have fine hair, condition the tips as these are the oldest hairs on your head and have the most damage.

Use colour-protecting shampoos and conditioners to protect the colour and to add shine and volume.

Hot oil treatments are great for colour-treated hair. Apply the treatment oil to clean, towel-dried hair, and cover your hair with a plastic wrap.

Supplements can also help with the health of colour-treated hair. Vitamin C keeps blood vessels in the scalp healthy by supporting hair follicles. Biotin, found in salmon, carrots and egg yolks, strengthens weak hair and improves its texture.

A little bit of love and proper care can go a long way to help protect and keep your hair looking lovely, for longer.