Beauty | Eyelash extensions: What you need to know

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If you are looking to add that ‘wow’ eye-catching factor, eyelash extensions can do the trick. But there are some things you need to do to ensure they look the part.

When it comes to creating a striking look, eyelash extensions hit the spot. They are easy to add, and effective.

But they are not easy to maintain. For example, you have to groom your lashes daily. After each appointment, your tech should provide you with a clean brush to keep your lashes aligned. Lightly brush them throughout the day to avoid looking messy.

You also need to cleanse your lashes.

After paying so much for your extensions, you hate getting them all wet. However, it’s important to wash your lashes daily.

Grime can easily build up on extensions. As such, you should rinse your lashes gently with diluted baby shampoo once a day.

Beauty professionals say you should not use oil-based products near your eyes. Oil destroys the adhesive on your lash extensions, making them fall off sooner. As such, you should steer clear of mascara and use anti-aging eye creams with care.

Do switch out your pillowcase. A silk pillowcase not only prevents wrinkles, but it also prevents damage to your lash extensions. Silk glides smoothly, meaning your lashes will last even longer.

It is tempting to fuss with your lashes once you get your extensions, but do not pick or pull at them. Tugging on them can cause your real lashes to shed prematurely.

You also need to maintain your lashes to ensure they remain in shape. Get fills no later than every three weeks to keep them looking fresh, full, and even. And, of course, hot!