Beauty | Getting to the pore of the matter

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Enlarged pores can be unsightly and irritating, and lead to other skin problems. Learn to look after and minimise your pores.

As we age, it is natural that we obsess a little more about our skin and do everything to fight aging and protect it against harmful effects.

Many of us associate open pores with teenage problematic skin. However, it is an issue that impacts many others and especially those with oily and sensitive skin.

There are many reasons why we get pores. Protracted sun exposure, aging and genetics all play their part in damaging the skin collagen, thereby shrinking the elasticity of the walls of the skin pore canals.

Excessive oil production is another major cause. If the oil glands produce too much oil, the excess oil combines with other substances (sweat, skin dead cells) in the pores to create clogs. Consequently, these clogs render it tough for the oil to flow freely, thereby causing the pores to get enlarged.

While there are many cosmetic products available to treat enlarged skin pores, they are unfortunately a natural part of our skin and cannot be eliminated completely. As such, you need to try a few natural remedies to treat your pores.

Having a proper cleansing and moisturising regimen is imperative to ensure your pores are not clogged with oil. To reduce the size of existing enlarged pores, you need to exfoliate your skin consistently to get rid of dead skin cells that can otherwise widen and thicken oils that can make your pore sizes get enlarged.

One of the best natural remedies to reduce large pores is applying lemon juice, cucumber and rose water. Lemon juice contains natural enzymes that can firm up and tighten the facial skin. Its acidic characteristic cleanses deep skin impurities, while vitamin C helps in lightening the skin.

Egg white and lemon juice is another great mask that works great for drawing excess oil out of greasy skin. Egg white and lemon helps to shrink large pores, because it tones up and tightens the skin.

Homemade sugar scrubs are very effective in exfoliating skin, removing extra oil and debris from your skin pores and so have the ability to reduce skin pores size.

Take to the kitchen to solve your pore issue!