Beauty | Homemade treatments for dry skin

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Dry skin can be extremely problematic and difficult to treat. We look at the best homemade treatments for dry skin. 

Constantly layering on moisturiser may be the most logical thing to do when you suffer from dry skin but it’s not always the easiest or most affordable option.

As such, creating homemade beauty potions are a great alternative.

Oil has cleansing properties that are beneficial to dry skin. Mix together three parts of warm olive oil and one part of castor oil and apply over the face, leaving it until the oil is soaked in by the skin. Castor oil penetrates the skin up to three layers more than any other oil.

Honey is another lifesaver. Its smoothens out the skin’s wrinkles and leaves it soft. Leave a mixture of honey and orange juice on your face for 10 minutes; this may smell strange but it’s effective.

Good Mixtures

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and essential for healthy skin. Mix an egg yolk, orange juice, castor and olive oil, rose water, honey and lime juice. This mixture can be applied every morning before taking a bath and then wash off.

Using a chocolate pack may not be conventional but it has many properties that can have a positive impact on your health. The chocolate pack comprises cocoa powder, honey, maize flour and mashed avocado. Lathering it onto the skin can give your skin a much needed glow after leaving it on your skin for 30 minutes.

Peel two bananas and put the pulp in the mixer to grind it into mush. Spread this on the face and rinse off an hour later with water. You may be amazed by the results.

Take the time to experiment in your kitchen to create the best remedies for your skin.