Beauty | Is your regular manicure ruining your nails?

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Our regular manicures may look the part, but they could be causing a lot more damage than designs to our nails.

Having our nails done professionally was once only for special occasions. Now it has become part of our regular beauty routine thanks to the ease and affordability of getting it done.

And while they look pretty and polished, having regular manicures could be damaging your nails according to health experts.

One of the biggest issues is that people often ignore fungal infections as they believe it to be nail polish. In the beginning stages of such an infection, the nail becomes discoloured, thickened, or brittle. A cracked nail can also lead to infection. As with all infections, you need to seek medical help to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

If you have significant cuticle damage your nail may become rigid, malformed, or even fall off. Be careful when cutting cuticles at home, or in a salon. Indeed, some believe cuticles should never be cut as they are an important barrier that protects you from germs and organisms. As an alternative, simply push them back.

Gel nails are great, until they are taken off. If one gets chipped or falls off, the temptation to just rip them all off is too much. Filing the polish off is another major contributing factor for damaged nails. An acetone-based remover is needed to take off the polish, and then wrap them in foil. 

Many nail polishes can have drying or harmful ingredients. Therefore, use a good base coat to act as a barrier between your nails and the polish. Try a base coat that has special treatment ingredients in them, such as biotin and spirulina.

Some polishes can strip all the moisture from your nails and cause dehydration. The ingredients that you should watch out for and avoid include toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and formaldehyde.