Beauty | Are make-up wipes really that bad for your face?

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After a long day or late night, sometimes it is just easier to grab a wipe to take of your make-up. While you are going to bed make up free, are you doing more harm than good to your face with wipes?

Sometimes taking off our make-up before we hit the pillow is a very tall order. We all know the importance of a good and consistent beauty regimen but after a late night or long day, it can be just easier to grab a wipe to clean up.

We are always being told that sleeping with our make-up can clog pores, collect dirt, and inflame the skin. Using a wipe is the most convenient and easiest way to expedite the removal process. Unfortunately, using wipes is not a substitute for washing your face and our skin still needs to be rinsed afterwards.

Many wipes tend to be saturated with chemicals that allow for easy removal of make-up. This means that they leave chemical residue on the skin and if used incorrectly, they can blend the make-up into the skin insteading of removing the particles. There is also the risk of irritating and drying out the skin if using wipes with alcohol. It is for this reason why people with rosacea or eczema should not use wipes.

Many of us use wipes to take off eye make-up. As it can be quite stubborn, it can take a considerable amount of physical force to get it off. This dragging the skin around your eye backwards and forwards and up and down on a regular basis can lead to prematurely aging that area of skin.

If you are fond of using wipes, use the gentle and alcohol-free varieties. There are also some specific for the sensitive eye area.

Using the right wipes and on occasion is the key to using this essential beauty product for everyone.