Beauty | Make your make-up last all day

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Does your make-up looks polished by 8.30am and disappears by 3.30pm. What are we doing wrong?

Do you look on in envy at those women that still have that perfect polished and glowing complexion at 4pm while you feel ghastly and drained?

Do these women run to the bathroom every hour to apply a fresh coat? Apparently not. According to the beauty gurus, they simply use the right products and put them on in the right order. So what is that magic order?

Concealer is the first product that you should apply. Use it to contour your face, by placing concealer under your your eyes, on top of your eyelids, under your nose and towards the top of your lips. This will illuminate your face and help you need less foundation overall.

The next is your foundation. Selecting a foundation that best matches your skin tone and type is critical, as this will determine how long it will last. You want one that sets into a solid finish, does not cake, run, or look oily.

Next is the eyes. One trick to make your eyeliner stay on all day is to take a neutral coloured eyeshadow (such as cream) and apply it with your index finger to the rims of your eyelids, wherever you’re going to put your eyeliner. Once again, you need to select the right eyeliner to get that perfect, long-lasting look. Try a few out to get one that will not smudge and is easy to apply.

The next area is your lips. One way to ensure your lipstick lasts longer is to give your lips a little primer beforehand. Add a touch of a cream based concealer, just enough to cover your lips and then apply lipstick.

The key to an overall better look is in the brush control and quality. Using your hands may be the most convenient but they carry natural oils. This can have a profound effect on the length of time your make-up can stay on for. Use the the appropriate size brush for each product, and not the same brush for everything.

And that is all there is to it!