Beauty | The habits that are ruining our looks

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We have been led to believe that a lot of effort and cash is the only way to get guaranteed good looks.  But are we ruining our looks by our everyday bad habits?

It’s not about vanity, or wanting that perfect pout when taking selfies. It’s about being confident in our skin. It’s about protecting our skin against bad environments, and harmful rays.

While we may think we have the best of products and regimen to protect our skin, it is often our everyday bad habits that are doing the damage.

One of the worst habits people have is spending a lot of cash on ‘miracle’ and expensive products while not truly understanding our skin. For any product to work, it has to be suitable for your skin type.

Get a facial by a reputable beautician or dermatologist to get a greater understanding of your skin.

No one likes spots, and the temptation to just pop or squeeze it is all too tempting for some. While looking even more nasty in the short term, fiddling with it could lead to various forms of skin diseases. It is suggested to use natural products – such as tea tree oil – to slow down the growth of pimples, and to get rid of their after marks.

Protecting our skin against the harmful effects of the sun is a no-brainer. On the flip side, a lack of Vitamin D can have as bad of an effect.

This vitamin is best absorbed through the skin by rays of sunlight with 10 minutes a day the ideal recommendation.

You do not have to spend a fortune on beauty products to keep your skin in order. Even if your budget is very tight, do not be tempted to use ordinary or harsh soaps. Such products tend to have various acidic or alkaline chemicals which the skin is very sensitive to. Instead, you can use natural skin cleansers like milk or curd.