Beauty |Things You Hear in Every Hairdressing Salon

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If you’ve ever been in a hairdressing salon, you’ve probably heard one or two of these things being mentioned before. 

“Let’s do something different.”
If you’re going to be as vague as that, you’re probably not going to get the hairstyle you desired.

“Did you hear Mary’s son…”
Well Mary’s son might have got a new job, a new girlfriend or had a fight with a neighbour, but whatever’s going on in his life, you know everyone in the hairdressers is going to hear about it.

 “How’s the water, love?”
Grand. Not too hot, not too cold. We could get used to this.

“Would you like a cuppa?”
Now we know you’re being polite, but do you really have to ask? Of course we would!

“There’s a grand stretch in the evening.”
We know the days are getting longer and the evenings are brighter, but unless you say it to at least two people, it’s not happening. It’s almost a rite of passage to declare the long evenings at this stage. You’re guaranteed to hear this one a couple of times!

“Make me look like Beyoncé.”
Okaaaay, so the woman/man who is about to do your hair is a stylist, not a miracle worker.

“D’ya want a magazine to flick through?”
Yes, yes I do! Pass the Woman’s Way please!

“Oh I’m off on my holliers next week!”
Everyone and anyone who goes into a hairdressing salon hears about someone going off on their holidays. We wonder if they’re off to Egypt or Turkey this time around…

“Have you heard the news?!”
Again with the local gossip. If something is happening in the town, the fastest way to hear about it is in the local hairdressers. Everyone likes a natter every now and again!

“That new song is only great, isn’t it?”
It doesn’t matter if it’s Shane Filan or Madonna. If there’s a new song out with any sort of a beat to it, you’re going to hear the hairdressers giving it their best rendition over the hairdryer.  If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of their dance moves!

“Have you watched…?”
It could be the latest episode of Game of Thrones or last night’s Corrie, but whatever it is, you’re sure to hear people talking about it in the hairdressers. We don’t always get a chance to watch the latest shows on TV, so this is the next best thing. You never miss out!

“Could you fix Maria’s hair?”
Now Maria, what has your mam told you about playing the scissors? There’s not much hope in anyone being able to fix the mess this kid has made of her tresses. We can only hope she won’t do it again.

“Sorry, what?”
I can’t hear you over the roaring hair dryers. Please repeat yourself for the 20th time…

“You’d think there’d be a faster way of getting your hair dyed in this day and age.”
Yes, it does take a while for colour to set, but complaining about it won’t speed up the process… There’s always one.

“Can you stop moving, please?”
Okay, so maybe we’ve been guilty of this one or two times. The stylist wants our head one way, but there’s so much action/gossiping going on over the other side of the salon. Maybe if we just move our head one inch to the left she won’t notice…

“Wow that’s a lot of hair on the ground.”
Did you really just chop that from my hair? Can I glue it back on?

“Time for the big reveal!”
Am I ready for this? I’m excited. I’m scared. Bring on the mirror!