Fashion | Do’s and Don’ts of Plus-Size Clothing

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No matter your size, it is how you dress that will highlight your best features and hide the areas that you want to. We look at the big do’s and don’ts for plus-size clothing.

It is amazing how one dress can look so different on two different people. For one, it can be a showstopper and on another, it can look frumpy and unflattering.

Knowing how to dress to suit your shape is important, no matter what your size. Here are some considerations before you buy festive outfits this year.

While it is easy to opt for the safety of black this Christmas, it is a colour that does not suit everyone. Navy, plum or royal blue or red are other colours that are all on-trend, and may complement your skin tone better. Experiment with a few colours to get your best match.

There are many trends hitting the mark this season but that does not mean they suit you. Try on all clothes and ensure it fits well and is flattering. You may feel it’s nice to have something that is fashionable but it will look hideous if it’s ill-fitting.

It is easy to try and hide behind baggy clothes. Every woman does it when they do not feel confident in their body. However, baggy clothes draw attention to your body and make things worse. As always, get clothes that fit and accentuate your figure.

Horizontal stripes are the worst enemy for plus-size women, as are flowers. Vertical stripes or other things in vertical shape are the most effective to creating the best illusion. It is also worth remembering that embroidery and other details actually make things look bigger than their actual size. Therefore, avoid clothes and jeans with studs, embroidery or clothes heavy in texture and other printed materials because they will make you look bigger and heavier.

V-neck tops look great on most curvy women and if you do not mind going a little deeper than go for it.

If you are conscious of your belly and want to hide it, try longer tops as they will make you look taller and slimmer.

Above all, have fun and experiment with styles and colours to find what complements you the best!