Fashion | Embracing faux fur this winter

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Everyone loves a bit of faux fur during the winter months, but it has to be worn right to really look chic and sophisticated.

Faux fur can either look exceptionally sleek and stylish, or just cheap and tacky. There is simply no middle ground when it comes to faux fur.

Less is more when it comes to wearing faux fur. But what works? If you want to play it safe, a pair of faux fur gloves is a great way to start. Adding these to a simple outfit can really create that ‘wow’ effect, while also keeping you effortlessly warm. Plain black gloves are a timeless choice and will go with everything. If you want something more eye-catching on your hands, a monochrome pattern also works effectively.

Faux fur coats are not the most practical in our climate. One downfall of rain and you will look more like a cat than a stylish queen. Jazz up a simple thick wool coat, and add a faux fur collar and cuffs to create a true vintage style. Try some colours that will match or coordinate with your coat.

A fur lined coat is another great alternative. These usually feature a waterproof material on the outside, and a thick fur lining to keep you warm. Beige, caramel and cream lining are very on-trend now.

A striking yet glamorous faux fur gilet can also turn a simple outfit into something more. Opt for a colour that will go with the majority of winter clothes, with light grey or brown beautiful colours.

Faux fur remains in vogue every season, with many high street shops stocking jumpers with simple fur collars or detailing. These are great with skinny jeans or with pencil skirts at work.

Finally, faux fur inspired hats always look great during the festive period. Try a few styles to see which one works for you.

It’s all about the faux fur this winter. Are you ready?