Fashion | The ultimate winter coat

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A coat that is both practical, and stylish. One that will wear well in all weathers, and goes with everything in my wardrobe. When it comes to choosing a winter coat, we want it all. Is this an impossible task?

Despite the litany of shops, choice on the rails and endless hours of searching, many of us fail to find that elusive winter coat.

Should you play it safe and stick with a tailored black fit or opt for something more colourful and on-trend? Obviously price will play a significant role in your decision, but there are a few other things to consider before you make that big purchase.

Your shape should primarily dictate your decision. If you share the same narrow frame as Duchess of Cambridge, for example, you could follow her favourite style and select a long tailored coat.

A good tailored coat is also key for those that are a little more curvier. Adding an oversized belt can give structure to the coat, a move that also flatters your physique and does not let the fabric swamp you.

Those with a petite frame should select a knee-length or shorter hem coat.

When trying on coats, wear the exact amount of layers that you normally do. You may need to go a size up for a better fit.

Wool is the best choice for all climes, and the most practical. Considering how much it rains on these shores, it may be worthwhile considering to get a coat with a hood. While it lowers the ‘cool’ factor of a coat, it is practical. A parka is a good compromise when looking for hooded coats.

The colour quandrum can be a big decision for many. Black is the go-to colour but if a majority of your clothes are in the blue-tone palette, you may consider taupe, grey or navy.

And finally, storage must come into the equation. Pockets are essential for your phone or that all-important lipstick.