Fashion Week Beauty Secrets We Can All Try

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As the world enters the fashion show season ahead, we cant help but want to know the  skincare tips and beauty tricks of the A List celebrities and models and how they manage to look so flawless despite their hectic schedules and late nights. As London gets geared up for fashion show season, here are 5 of the best backstage beauty tips from some of London Fashion Week’s top make up artists and skincare experts.

Sun kissed Youth

One of the easiest ways to cheat a youthful look is to draw on freckles, and that’s according to Makeup Artist, Lynsey Alexander, who has admitted that Kate Moss always asks for a smattering of freckles. Freckles help you gai that youthful freshness and glow, the trick is to use your brow pencil and dot randomly before smudging it with your finger, so it looks like skin rather than make-up”.

Getting those ‘bee-sting’ lips

To create an enviably full pout, Creative Makeup Director at Estée Lauder, Tom Pecheux, advises that you should “outline them with a pale gloss, then colour in with a darker gloss. Over time, the deeper shade will fade into the paler one, making lips look full and sensual.”

60s Lashes

Celebrity makeup artist Hannah Murray is the master of Twiggy lashes and she recommends curling and layering as the secret to faking luscious lashes. “Curl first, then immediately apply waterproof mascara as it holds lashes up much better than a regular formula. Follow with 2-3 coats of black mascara, wiggling the brush through.”

Erasing dark circles

Every woman looks for the latest remedy to get rid of the dark circles under our eyes. Brazilian model Victoria Brito, loves her home remedies: “To get rid of dark circles, take a potato, cut it into slices like a pepperoni, and put one slice over each eye for about 15 to 20 minutes once a week. I swear, after doing it about five times, you’ll start to see a drastic reduction of dark circles. The potato literally starts to get dark and shrivel up while you use it—it’s crazy!”

Homemade Masks

Michelle Peck, a skincare expert whose past clients include Australia beauty, Miranda Kerr: “We use various different homemade masks to prep her skin, from a delicious Pineapple Enzyme Peel to a Papaya Mask. We also use an avocado and olive oil mask for hydration and a coconut cream mask that we whip up to use for dehydrated skin.”