Hair woes

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Is your hair a horror story? Read our expert advice and reviews to tame your tresses

john maher queen

I have fine, greasy hair that needs to be washed every day – is there a solution?

John Maher of Queen says:

“There are a number of factors for oily hair and usually, it is more noticeable in finer hair. The key is to accept that you won’t get a week out of your hair and find a style that works with your natural texture. If your style means you are constantly pushing your hair back with your hands, you are activating your oil production in your scalp therefore causing the greasiness. Protein-based products will add more strength to your hair and hydrating products are to be avoided. You may even find that you can forego conditioner entirely, see what works for you.”


Macadamia’s new No Tangle Brush gently de-tangles without breaking, plus it massages your scalp, reduces frizz and fits in your handbag. (€12)



I have started to go grey quite early – at 28 – what is the best course of action?


Nicky Clarke says: “If you start to go grey at a young age, it is very important to find a good colourist. Getting the base colour and tone right is vital. You can achieve this by going two or three shades lighter than your original colour. This will allow you to keep your natural colour while covering up the grey areas. It is always best to see a colour technician first who can give you the best advice and product recommendations on how to touch up the colour for yourself at home.”


Thin, dull, flat locks are all signs that your hair is ageing and two brands have brought out ranges to restore youthful lustre; Silvikrin uses Flex-Active Fullness Technology in its new hairspray (€4.49), mousse (€3.85) and thickening lotion (€3.85) to add fullness and shine.

Silvikrin Anti-Ageing Hairspray €3.99 RRP low res[1] Silvikrin Anti-Ageing Hairspray €3.99 RRP low res Silvikrin Anti-Ageing Thickening Lotion €4.69 RRP low res


We asked Amy Nitsopoulos of Taylor Taylor London do we really need a specific shampoos for coloured hair?


“Hair dye is made up of chemicals that can dry out the hair quickly so opt for a colour treatment shampoo to lock in the hair’s natural nutrients and prolong your colour. When it comes to blonde hair, you may need to take extra care. Highlights or bleached hair can absorb unwanted yellowish tones from the environment and styling products. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to dissolve this build up. However if you over use this it can actually fade your hair colour faster. The best advice I could give is to use a sulphate-free shampoo.”


 70% of women say they have damaged hair. If you’re one of them, grab a bottle of Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair leave-in conditioner – it’s clinically proven to improve hair by 26%


Pantene has teamed up with Olay global skincare experts to produce the Expert Collection Age Defy which contains its Advanced Thickening Treatment which promises to thicken existing, individual hair fibres, giving regular users the effect of 6,500 more hair fibres. This four step regime has a shampoo (€7.49), conditioner (€7.49), masque (€8.79) as well as the thickening Treatment (€12.79).


I want to look younger, must I go for a short style? 


Elaine O’Sullivan of Aviary Lane says:

“I don’t believe in the over 50s hair cut. A good style should suit your lifestyle more than your age. As long as there is movement, good condition and your stylist has framed your face, work on learning to style your hair.”

Tried and tested

I have a love/hate relationship with my short hair: when it’s bad, the phrase rusty blade is mentioned, often. But when it’s good, it is much admired, by me, often. I am having a good month thanks to the handiwork of Rory Finnerty of Cabello Hair Design in Sandycove. The salon has been cutting and colouring since 1988 and that expertise was evident when I popped in to try the Natulique organic hair colour. It’s made with jojoba, apricot and grape seed oils, is eco-certified and ammonia-free, all important when you colour your hair every six weeks. The end result was a glossy rich dark chocolate, something that is surprisingly hard to achieve. Colourist Suzy managed to cancel out the auburn tones I am not a fan of and owner Rory Finnerty snipped and shaped it into a gorgeous elfin crop.

20 Sandycove road, Sandycove, Co Dublin; Tel: 01 284




My hair is very fine, gets extremely knotted and a lot of it ends up in the brush. I have tried detangling sprays and none have worked. Any advice?


Gillian Browne, Yourells Hair Salon says:

“Firstly you need to look at the condition of your hair; split ends will only cause the hair to become further knotted so have it trimmed on a regular basis.

“Brush your hair before washing and add a couple of pumps of Kérastase Elixir Ultime as a pre-shampoo treatment, as you’re washing it out again it won’t weigh the hair down, but you’re still getting the benefits of a nourishing treatment. Only apply conditioner on the lengths and ends and keep a wide tooth comb in the shower to gently comb through. Never towel-dry hair to roughly, blot it dry instead and always brush from the ends first and work your way upwards.”



Our tester gave Remington’s Keratin Therapy Pro Volume & Protect Rotating Airstyler (€49.99) the thumbs up. After blast drying her long thick hair, she used the styler to add volume, but if you’re short on time use it on towel dry hair before leaving to dry naturally for soft waves.