How to put on eyeliner

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learn how to apply eyeliner

Eyeliner step by step

It’s time to banish the panda eye and finally get a lock on how to put on eyeliner! Whether it’s a pencil, liquid or eyeliner out of a pot; achieving an intense dramatic eye make-up look is so easy to do and no longer that dreaded make-up step. NYX Cosmetics gave us their tips and tricks to the only liquid eye liner look you’ll ever need:

  • Run the tip of your eyeliner or eye brush along your hand before applying. Use your hand as a palette rather than applying straight from the tube, this will avoid excess liquid and increase control during the application process.
  • For the most versatile effect, always choose a matte formula.
  • Start applying the liner from the middle of your eye: Begin drawing short strokes along your lash line instead of creating one long black line. This will enable you more control during the application process.
  • Use your fingers to lift your lids when applying liner as a liquid or pencil, because when your skin is tightly stretched you will be able to draw a precise line as close to your lashes as possible.
  • When applying liner from the centre of the eye to the tear duct, use the tip of a brush then look up and outwards in the mirror whilst applying soft and gentle strokes.
  • For a more daring and bold statement look why not embrace the cat eye look? It’s so simple to achieve the most elegant flick, just angle the brush towards the temples rather than pointing it towards your brows. Remember to use your hand as a palette and then build up the winged look to dramatise your look.
  • To heighten and intensify your look, apply product on your waterlines and line beneath the bottom lashes with a liner pencil to connect the upper and lower lines. If you don’t do this you’re make-up will look unfinished.
  • Always open your eyes to make sure all lines and flicks are even. Don’t be afraid to clean up using cotton buds and reapplying where needs to apply eyeliner
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    How to put on eyeliner

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    how to apply eyeliner

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    learn how to put on liquid eyeliner

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