Why we love Kate’s fashion choices

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If there’s one celebrity we should be looking to for style inspiration, it’s Kate Middleton. Not only does she consistently look immaculate, classy and beautiful, but she doesn’t believe in wearing things just once like many other style icons do. In the real world, we can’t afford to wear things once before tossing them in the charity bags, and seeing Kate re-wear some of her all time favourite looks – and not care what people think – just reinforces our love for her!

Princess Kate stepped out with Prince William recently for the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices Gala in the UK. For the event, Kate wore a stunning blush coloured Jenny Packham gown that looked a little familiar.

And that’s because she has worn it already. She wore it to the ARK gala back in 2011, a dinner in aid of the UK children’s charity, Absolute Return for Kids, in one of her first royal engagements following their marriage.
Whether Kate is calculating her cost per wear, or she just particularly loves her style choices, we think it’s great that she feels she can bring a favourite dress for an outing more than once. And it’s not the first time she’s recycled a look. Kate has reworn dresses in the past and has even let her mother borrow outfits on occasion too. If we’ve learned anything from Kate, it’s to double check your closet clear out before you part with anything too special. You never know where you’ll want to wear it again!