Make Up Mistakes That Make Us Look Older

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Make up is designed to boost our self confidence and help us accentuate our best features. But when our make up starts making us look and feel more unhealthy than we actually are, it’s time to call a halt and take a proper look at our application. What may have worked make up wise when we were younger may not work quite as well any more and that’s completely natural – our skin changes and so too should our make up routines. Here are five ways we could be misusing our make up and causing ourselves to look slightly more worn out than we really are!

  • Wearing too much concealer. We’re aiming for the airbrushed, no under eye baggage look, but if you wear the wrong colour or slap on a bit too much, it will have the opposite effect and will actually emphasise wrinkles. Choose a fluid-based concealer and ask for assistance to find the perfect shade – which should be slightly lighter than your foundation shade.
  • Overusing mascara on your lower lashes. It can accentuate the wrinkles around the eye area and draw attention to an area you might prefer to keep to yourself.
  • Using the wrong lipstick tone. You might love a red lipstick but did you know there are tons of tones of red and not every tone will suit your skin tone? Dark coloured lipsticks have a tendency to make your lips look thinner, so be mindful if that is an area you already try to avoid.
  • Don’t highlight your brows too much. Using dark colours to accentuate your brows can make your face look age-worn. Use a colour that is slightly lighter in tone to your actual eyebrow colour and you’ll see a major difference.
  • Using too much powder. Powder can be a great way to set your foundation but using too much can settle uneasily on your face and can in fact show off any wrinkles instead of helping disguise them. Use a light mineral powder rather than anything greasy and avoid powdering the area around the eyes – where laugh lines and wrinkles appear first.