Your morning coffee is good for more than just drinking

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We all know that coffee is great for waking us up on a groggy morning, and the smell is pretty divine too. But there’s more to your cup of coffee than you might first think. Coffee granules can also be incorporated into your daily beauty regime – in a way that doesn’t include consuming it.

Here, we’ve rounded up four ways to add coffee to your beauty routine!
Minimise Cellulite
Every single woman will struggle with cellulite at some point in their lives, no matter how much healthy foods you eat or how much you exercise. It’s there, taunting us from all areas. But a coffee scrub is said to work wonders when it comes to minimising the appearance of cellulite as the exfoliation and massage works together to stimulate blood flow and tighten the skin.
Eliminating puffy eyes
Save the grounds from your morning cup and let the cool before applying to the under eye area. Let sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with cold water (be careful not to let it near your actual eyes) and it works as a great pick me up.
Since it works to help minimise cellulite appearance, it’s hardly surprising to note it’s good for exfoliating the skin too. Massage gently onto skin and rinse off in the shower for a super smooth skin feel.
Soothes your feet
Mix some coffee granules with a bit of coconut oil to make the perfect scrub for your weary feet. The combination of ingredients removes and repairs rough skin. Soak in warm water afterwards and pat dry.