Why we no longer need to wash our jeans

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There seems to be a lot of discussion in recent years about whether or not to wash your jeans, and it appears the more raw denim your favourite pair are, the more you should keep them away from the washing machine.

This sounds a little crazy, especially if you pretty much live in your jeans, but according to Levi’s CEO Chris Bergh, washing your jeans is actually completely unnecessary.
On Levi’s official website, it states that your 501s should be your ‘never wash’ pair of jeans. It states that because the jeans are made from untreated, raw denim, the more they’re worn, the more they’re expected to fade, whisker, scuff and wrinkle, creating a uniquely customised fit.
But what if you spill something on them? Well in that case, Levi’s suggest soaking your jeans in water with a cap full of detergent soap, before letting them drip dry and then to wear them damp until they’ve molded to your body once again. They also note that the warmer the water they’re soaking in, the more chance there is of shrinkage.
Another reason for Levi’s recommending the no wash policy is water conservation – something that’s important to the CEO and the company, on order to contribute to a more sustainable world.
Some denim lovers swear by putting your jeans in the freezer for a quick clean, although we have to admit it’s something we have yet to try. Bergh reckons most denim wearers can get about six months out of their jeans at least – only giving them a quick handwash if they get really un-liveably dirty.
We’re not sure we’re completely sold on wearing dirty jeans forever, or wearing a damp pair either, but if we can get away with a few extra wears in between washing, then it saves us an extra wash!