The Skin Care Regime of a Professional

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We have a bit of a weakness for skincare here at Woman’s Way and when we discover a new tip or trick or a brand new product that promises small miracles, we get a bit excited. So we can only imagine how the professionals feel, working day in and out surrounded by the latest and greatest in skincare products. But rather than ask them for lessons in skincare, we thought we’d ask them to reveal to us their own skincare regimes instead. What works for one person may not work for the next, but Jennifer Rock (aka The Skin Nerd) has beautiful skin and has clearly been doing something right. And here she lets us in on a typical beauty day in the life of her skincare cabinet…

“As Brand Manager for IMAGE Skincare it should come as no surprise that I rate their products highly. I will only work for brands that I believe in and know are results-based with proven efficacy. This is IMAGE Skincare in a nutshell,” Jennifer says, but she says that different brands will suit different people.

“However, I recommend a skin consultation first and foremost for everyone. There are so many variables in life that can affect your skin – medications, stress levels, genetics, current skincare regime, diet, lifestyles and so on – that to buy a product just because your friend finds it great is the wrong way to find effective skincare. You are most probably wasting your money unless you are bioidentically .”

And it seems we are rarely right about what ‘skin type’, as Jennifer says we are emotionally attached to our skin and don’t see the real issues. “What we see as ‘red and flaky’ may actually be dehydrated and compromised! There is a reason why we need another person trained to a high standard to analyse our skin and make a recommendation accordingly.”

“I believe in simple yet effective regimes. So having a three-step regime in the morning is basic. I also believe in a skin ‘diet’ both inside and out. By this I mean eating fresh fruit, veg and as much non-inflammatory food as possible. And then exercising the skin both physically and in the clinic. By this I mean actually exerting ourselves in any workout capacity and also trusting a clinician to facial/peel professionally as a means of driving more active and potent ingredients into the lower layers that the daily home regime cannot reach.”

Jennifer Rock

So when it come to my own personal regime, I use the following IMAGE Skincare products in the morning..

  1. OrMedic Balancing Cleanser – this is a fresh, clean, cooling gel to prep the skin for the day.
  2. Vital C Serum – this is a natural SPF and powerful antioxidant that assist the fight against pollution, light and daily life.
  3. Protection + Tinted Daily Moisturiser – with both UVA and UVB protection, this product protects the skin at a cellular level, rather than superficially like some other brands.


In the evening I switch it up ingredients-wise:

  1. Clear Cell Cleanser with 2% salicylic acid – this mops up excess oil, and is anti inflammatory, antibacterial and exfoliating. It is ideal for my underlying congestion and spots – ones that are large enough to have their own passport! The cleanser dissolves and pacifies them significantly; I also suffer with back acne so it’s ideal in the shower after a long clammy day!
  2. Iluma Serum – this has the ability to prevent scarring; it tackles the redness that remains weeks after the spots/lesions disappear while giving me an illuminous finish and glow!
  3. Retinol A Crème – this is the Vitamin A holy grail, as it balances oil, stimulates collagen and elastin, aids circulation, promises an enviable healthy glow like no other, potentiates the immunity, works deeper down within the skin and repairs the DNA of the skin.

For more tips and insights into her world of beauty and skincare, check out The Skin Nerd’s Facebook page or follow her adventures on Snapchat: theskinnerd