Summer hair care tips with Noel Higgins

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If you spend a fortune on the upkeep of your hair colour, then you’ll understand the worry you have when it comes to maintaining your hair colour during the summer months. Between the UV ray, the heat, the chlorine in pools and sea water, summer holidays and the summer months in general can wreak havoc on your locks.

However Noel Higgins, one of Ireland’s most exceptional hair colour technicians, says we don’t have too much to worry about, once we’re taking care of our hair as best we can and once we’re using the right products.

Noel Higgins has won numerous awards for his colour services and one entire floor of his Blackrock based salon in Dublin is dedicated to colour services. They not only have a loyal clientele but they also ensure to keep on top of the latest hair and product trends and make sure to have the latest and greatest treatments in stock.

“As soon as we heard that Olaplex was a new treatment that was repairing hair, even before Kim Kardashian mentioned it in an interview, we had it ordered and were waiting for it to come into the salon. We knew it was going to be the next best thing for repairing hair,” Noel says.

Noel Higgins was recently awarded the Ambassador for Keratherapy products in Ireland and the UK, and offers Keratherapy treatments within the salon as well as a take home product range.


Here, Noel Higgins offers his top tips for caring for your hair this summer:

  1. Keep direct sunlight off the hair. Direct sun can be damaging on the hair and we see a lot of that in the salon. Sometimes the top section of someone’s hair can be bleached or faded when they come back in after a summer holiday. Wearing a hat will help protect your hair from damage and colour fading.
  2. After being in the pool or the sea, thoroughly rinse the hair and get rid of the chlorine or any hard water out of the hair.
  3. Don’t be worried about washing or rinsing your hair too often. Once you have a prescribed, take home product you can use when you’re away, there’s no problem washing your hair every day. Your hairdresser would be advising you to use products that will help your hair so there’s no problem with washing it often.
  4. Getting colour before or after holiday is up to the client as most people want to look their best when they’re away. But if you look after your hair and are using good products, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you’re concerned about your colour, ask your colour technician to calm the colour down a half a shade, because if it does get some sun, and you forget to wear a hat on the walk to the beach, at least there won’t be too much damage or too much repair work when they come back.


Noel’s recommended must-have products for taking with you on holiday:


  1. Invest in Keratherapy rescue spray, which is a UVA/UVB sun block for hair. It locks in moisture and reduces colour fade so it’s a must have for everyone’s handbag or when they’re at the beach or on holiday.
  2. Olaplex no 3 is a home care product that’s recommended after having the treatment done in the salon. Sulphate bonds will always break down in the hair never mind with colouring, it can break down with general wear and tear, heat irons, the environment and so on. Using Olaplex no 3 once a week on dry hair is a must at this time of year. Once the hair is conditioned and the cuticles sealed, your hair won’t fade as much in the sun.
  3. Alfaparf’s new pigment is also great for anyone concerned with colour fade. They can be added to shampoo or a conditioning mask and work to refresh and recondition the colour each time.

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