The Tanning Product We’ve All Been Waiting For

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We’ve all had the awkward tanning moments when it’s looking lovely, even and streak-free, and then we turn around and there are blobs of tan and white streaked across our backs. It’s the hardest place to reach when self-tanning and there are only so many times we can ask a partner or pal to help us out. There’s always going to be an emergency tanning situation when you don’t have someone spare to paint your back and you’re stuck instead doing it solo. Well it looks like somebody has heard our woes and has come to our rescue as the world’s very first back and body tanning mitt has been launched.

bronzie tanning mitt

‘Got You Back’ was launched just last week in the UK by tanning brand Bronzie and retailing at £14.99 sterling, the mitt can be bought online and shipped to Ireland. Although we’re sure it won’t be any time until it’s released here. The mitt is a 3 in 1 beauty accessory with two double-sided mitt ends as well as a middle section to access the dreaded hard to reach areas. It’s made from luxurious double sided velour material which extends to every part of your body and it’s also washable, reusable and works with every brand of fake tan. Sounds like a miracle!

Check out the ‘how to use’ video below and visit for more information.