The Power of Make-Up

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Make up can be pretty impressive stuff, especially in the hands of a true professional. Most of the time we’re lucky if we have time to throw on some mascara and a bit of blusher to disguise our pasty skin, but when we see just how amazing make up really is, it makes us want to practice the eyeliner flick a little bit more.

An eighty year old grandma from Croatia took the internet by storm in recent weeks after her before and after pictures were released and went viral. Her granddaughter, Tea Flego worked her magic with her make up kit and this granny looks pretty incredible. Complete with contouring, fake lashes and smokey lids, we have to admit we were pretty impressed, despite the fact that we think ‘Grandma Livia’ looks just as lovely without it!

But Tea Flago is just one of many impressive make up artists out there on the internet to teach us the magic of make up artistry. The following two artists look fresh faced and gorgeous without any foundation and what they can do with a bag of make-up makes for some pretty impressive viewing!

Laura Leth


Nikkie Tutorials