Tips for shopping the summer sales with Styleuphoria

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It’s that time of year again.

When the sales start hitting the shops once again and we are tempted into making some extremely bad buying decisions, which will only end up backfiring in a few months’ time. But despite those odd impulse purchases, the summer sales can still be a great opportunity to pick up some real bargains, once you’ve set yourself a mission before you set out.

So in order to help you tackle the sales successfully, we’ve enlisted the help of personal shopper extraordinaire and fashion stylist, Siobhán McHugh (aka Styleuphoria) to share with us her top tips for shopping the summer sales.

Here, Siobhán tells us about the importance of research and why we should always wear a good bra when tackling the sales.


What is the biggest mistake we make going sale shopping?

Buying an item just because it is on sale. If you are not 100% sure about the item and only purchasing it just because it is on sale, think Cost Per Wear: Price of item divided by the number of times you wear it – this equals the true Cost Per Wear. So if an item is reduced to €100 and you only wear it once, the item will cost you €100 to wear.Whereas if the item is reduced to €100 and you wear it 10 times, it will cost you €10 per wear giving you much better value.


So what advice would you give someone planning a shopping trip during the sales?

– Get to the shops early in the day to avoid crowds, queues, messy rails and to get the best choice in size and clothing selection.

– Do your research – before the sales start, visit the store, pick out items you like, try them on and ask the sales assistant how long the item is in stock; if it is in store for a while you can guess that it might go in to sale. By doing research before the sales start you know that you definitely want the item, meaning you are making a proactive purchasing decision rather than reactive decision buying for the sake of it.

– Always double check the price at the till as it could be gone down further than the marked price.

– Set yourself a budget before you enter the shops.

– Know the return policy.

– If you are paying with gift cards such as One For All, find out the return policy as you may be refunded gift vouchers for that particular shop.


What should we NOT do?

Do not buy for the sake of it. Otherwise you will create chaos in your current wardrobe, filling it with clutter that you don’t want to wear. It will make you feel like you have nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is full of clothes.


How do we avoid wasting money in the sales?

– Think ‘would I buy this if it was full price?’ If the answer is no, then you probably don’t want it that much. Put it back!

– Buy in your size.

– Think about what you have in your current wardrobe that you could wear with it, if you don’t have anything, don’t purchase it until you find something to wear with it.


Do you have any online sales shopping tips?

– In the sales we can get carried away filling the basket. So go in to the actual shop and try it on first before purchasing or ordering online.

– Make sure to take note of delivery and other online charges.

– Make sure to look at the return policy for sale items before making a purchase.


Best tip for coming home with a purchase we will actually wear?

– Go shopping looking and feeling good about yourself.

– Wear a good bra that will show off your shape.

– If you have an item at home that you do not wear because you have nothing to wear with it, bring it with you when shopping in the sales to see if you can match something with it and try the full outfit on together in the fitting room before making a purchase.

– Ask yourself ‘Do I really need this item’?

– Pay with cash rather than a card; paying with cash can make you think twice about whether you want to part with your money for the item.


And your final top tips for successfully shopping the sales?

– Don’t wear heavy clothes when going shopping, especially in summer sales as it can get sticky and hot which could leave you feeling exhausted in no time. You can peel away layers as needs be so you can continue to be the best bargain hunter as possible.

– Eat before you go shopping to avoid making rash decisions when shopping, as hunger can distract you or makes you agitated.

– Bring water (it can get hot in those packed sales fitting rooms!)

– Always check the neckline of clothing to see if there is make-up marks on it.

– Shop for your lifestyle; before going shopping look in your wardrobe and see what area you need to build IE Smart casual wear and not formal wear.


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