How to wear your heels for longer

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Wearing heels is something we all love to do, they make our legs look longer and make us feel taller and more confident. But they are by far the least comfortable form of footwear in our wardrobes. However there are ways of ensuring your heels can be as comfortable as possible and that you last a little bit longer before kicking them off and swapping them for your loyal and trustworthy flats.

Don’t buy until you’re sure

In the shop they might feel perfectly comfortable, but it isn’t long before some heels can pinch and rub your feet in all the wrong places, which only ever lead to blisters and a long life gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe. Before you buy a new pair of shoes, or before you wear a new pair of shoes you’ve just bought, try walking around for a couple of hours in a similar pair of heels you already own, to allow your feet to swell slightly. When you try on the shoes, there should be no restrictions when it comes to your heel or straps. If your toes hang over the end or your feet are too tight in the new shoes, you know that this pair maybe aren’t worth the money you paid for them.

Go ab it bigger

Make sure you’re wearing the correct size in heels, even if this means you have to go for a size up than you normally would. If this means you find yourself slipping forward in your heels, try them with a foot gel pad, available in pharmacies and other stores nationwide, before deciding on the smaller size. When your feet swell after a couple of hours, you might be thankful that you have the extra toe room.

Watch how you walk

The way you walk in heels can affect your comfort as well as your posture. If you’re wearing a new pair of heels, and they aren’t the most comfortable, try and slow right down, take shorter steps and don’t rush. Rushing will cause you to naturally lean forward and lose your posture, which means that you’re putting unnecessary pressure on your toes and the front of your heels, which can lead to blisters and other unpleasant pains associated with wearing heels. Keep your head up and try to avoid looking down. Take your time and you’ll find your heels last that little bit longer on a night out.