The importance of taking breaks during the workday

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There are some days when you can’t wait to take a break in work, but for many of us, we often feel too busy to take breaks and skip them altogether in the hope that we will get more work done by staying at our desks instead. But there are rules about taking breaks for a reason. Taking regular breaks at work can actually have a more positive effect on your job by making your happier, more focused and therefore more productive and here are three important reasons why you need to take your breaks in work today:

Breaks stop you getting bored: When you get into the swing of things, it can be easy to get the juices flowing, but this creativity doesn’t last forever. Before long you’ll find yourself getting bored, tired and trying to finish the task quickly. Our brains weren’t built for extended periods of focusing so by giving our brains a break, they’re more likely to be able to go back to work efficiently.

Breaks help us retain information: Our brain works in different ways when it comes to work – for some tasks we are seriously focused, we’re learning something new and really concentrating. While for other tasks, that we might be more used to, we don’t need to focus as much and our brains can wander while we work. By giving our brains a chance to relax, it gives us a better chance at being able to focus and pay attention when the more difficult tasks require it.

Breaks help us recharge. Like a mobile phone, eventually we will need to sleep as we can only work for so long before we need to recharge the batteries. Research has shown that employees who take regular breaks, end up having more energy, more motivation to return to work and are therefore better able to concentrate.

So while you think you might be trying to be the best employee ever by skipping your breaks and staying at your desks, you’re having the opposite effect on your work. Now go and make yourself a cup of tea, before getting stuck back into work today.