Celebrity | Embrace 50 in style like Cindy Crawford

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As the ever beautiful and age defying Cindy Crawford celebrates her 50th birthday this week, we look at how she maintains her youthful body and good looks.

If only we could all look so well at 50. That is what most women have been thinking as we faced the images of model Cindy Crawford celebrating her 50th birthday in St. Bart’s.

Without a scrap of make up, the mother of two looked effortlessly cool as she walked down the beach in a black bikini. It was an image that was both admirable, yet enviable.

After three decades of modelling, Cindy must have every secret to defy the aging process. “The secret is that there is no secret,” she said in 2014. “Do all the stuff we know: Don’t smoke, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, find what makes you happy.”

She works out two to three times a week and incorporates lunges, cardio and free weights into her schedule. A lover of the outdoors, she says she prefers to go on a hike with a friend or for a cycle with the family.

Her diet is all about balance. As a family, they have pizza every Sunday night. Instead of opting for the calorific varieties, she makes her with a brown rice tortilla and uses a thai peanut sauce instead of tomato. She loads it with vegetables and little cheese.

Her breakfast comprises green smoothies and salads for lunch. The good news for us mere mortals is that Cindy too has her vices and indulges in a piece of chocolate every day. 

Her beauty regimen is just as simple. She dry brushes her body before showering and Neutrogena Body Oil after to hydrate and maintain her skin.

As she colours her hair more frequently, she uses hair masks from Lush and mixes up her shampoo brands.

Obviously, she uses her own skincare line – Meaningful Beauty. The brand is made from a ‘“first generation” antioxidant that helps the skin rejuvenate and minerals designs to help restore the skin’s youthful radiance.

All of this clearly works for Cindy so it’s worth a shot!