Celebrity | Five minutes with…Neven Maguire

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Neven Maguire, Ireland’s most celebrated chef, is all about healthy cooking these days. With his new book, The Nation’s Favourite Healthy Food, serving up delicious dishes both on the palette and the waist, we grill the Cavan chef in our fire round of quick questions.

It’s hard to get Neven Maguire to answer questions with one worded answers. It’s not because he cannot think of the words; he is simply that passionate about food

However, when under pressure, he does give us a rare insight into his guilty pleasure foods, his favourite restaurants…and lots more.

Woman’s Way (WW): What is the one food that you hate?

Neven Maguire (NM): Snails. Absolutely vile.

WW: What is your guilty food pleasure?

NM: I have a real sweet tooth so any desserts will do! My one weakness is sliced pears with hot fudge sauce and homemade vanilla ice-cream.

Nigella Lawson or Rachel Allen? Rachel.

Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver? They are both great at what they do.

Red or white wine? I am partial to a glass of red.

Juices or Smoothies? I am loving juices lately, and so are the kids.

Masterchef or Great Irish Bake Off? Masterchef.

McDonalds or Supermacs? McDonalds.

Favourite ethnic food? Thai.

Chicken fillet roll or Curry chips? Chicken fillet roll.

Steak: Medium rare or well done? Medium rare; it’s already being killed once!

Eggs Benedict or Florentine? Benedict.

Toast crusts. On or off? On, we waste nothing in Cavan!

Favourite restaurants in Ireland? I love trying out all restaurants in Ireland. Our dining scene is very exciting at the moment, with so much choice for everyone. However, two of my favourites have to be the ones run by two people that have been great friends of mine since I started cooking and that is Derry Clarke from L’Ecrivain and Ross Lewis from Chapter One.