Celebrity | Food tips from celebrity chefs

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With clients that are the most demanding and health conscious in the world, chefs to the stars know what foods are good for the body.

With personal chefs on call, it is easy for high-earning celebrities to maintain a healthy eating routine. And while the stars are eager to share what they consume each day, few are happy to admit that it is their chefs that slave over the cooker to create such a healthy and delicious dish.

Despite what we may hope to believe, celebrities do not eat some magic food to maintain their ‘ideal’ bodies. Or so says their chefs that are eager to share their tips that please the most critical of clients.

Swapping natural yoghurt instead of sour cream in recipes is one of the most commonly used. Why? Because it has less saturated fat while double the calcium.

Replacing butter with canola oil in dessert dishes is a good heart-loving option. The neutral taste lets the remaining butter flavour shine through while slashing the fat.

Many celebrities, no doubt on advice of their personal nutritionists, choose lean cuts of meat or non-meat options. If you love your meat, go for round, sirloin or loin cuts.

To add flavour without the calories, such chefs use natural flavours as citrus, herbs, spices and vinegar to add zing to meals while zapping fat and sodium. Natural lemon juice is another kitchen staple in their kitchens.

Asian cuisine is another favourite as such food is low in bad fats and full of fruits and vegetables, while they also adopt the Japanese diet of using lots of omega-rich fish.

Even celebrities have a fondness for snacking, with nuts their product of choice. Nuts are loaded with healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats, with walnuts especially rich in omega-3. Adding these to cookies can make an indulgent treat less sinful, for example.