Celebrity | Healthy eating tips celebrities live by

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Even celebrities have to endure the hardship of trying to embrace a healthy eating lifestyle. But  how do they maintain their strict eating habits?

Every day, we read stories about celebrities falling off the healthy eating wagon and confessing to gorging on takeaways and snacks. While we all know that feeling, it is hard not to feel relieved that even those with the personal trainers and shoppers can also fail to live up to high expectations.

Avid fans of fad diets, many celebrities recognise the real benefits of following simple and easy changes to start, and more importantly maintain, a healthy eating lifestyle.

Olivia Wilde, for instance, eats less meat on a weekly basis. People who simply cut back on meat and eat more plant-based foods end up consuming fewer calories and less fat.

If you are not a fan of green vegetables or preparing them, create a green juice. This is what Miranda Lambert does to get her daily dose of leafy greens and nutrients. From Rosanna Davison to Neven Maguire, there are numerous green vegetable juices for you to try and experiment with.

Fad diets can be good for a short-term solution, but they tend not to be sustainable in the long-term. Shakira is not an advocate of fad diets and admits she has never been able to stick to a strict diet. Instead, she tries to stay away from simple carbohydrates and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Kate Hudson is also eager to fill up on the good foods such as rice, beans, nuts, fruit and “all sorts of vegetables dishes.”