Celebrity | How not to shop like a celebrity

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Every woman dreams to invest in one or two key (and expensive!) lifelong items, whether it’s shoes or a designer bag. Unlike celebrities, however, we need to make tough decisions before we hand over our hard-earned cash.

When the opportunity arises to buy something expensive and wonderful, it can be all too tempting to quickly snap up any designer product that catches your eye. Unfortunately, unlike celebrities, we do not have the bank balance for this shopping style – this is a rare opportunity to spend a significant amount of cash on something you will have for many days to come.

Before you hand over that cash, here are some questions to consider.

Once you decide on what you want to buy, assess what you already own in this category. For example, if you are considering an expensive little black dress and you own two others that you always wear, this may not be the wisest of investments. Consider giving away or selling the other dresses so you maximise wear of your investment piece.

Are you addicted to fast fashion? If you are, you may also need to reconsider your big purchase. If you are going to buy an investment bag and will spend on another less expensive one in six months, is it really worth spending so much money on it? If you are someone who likes to own a variety of bags, buying a pricey one isn’t the right move.

Our buying habits are often influenced by trends, and not taste. Would you really love that Michael Kors bag if the label was taken from it? You really need to love the item first, the label is just a bonus.

Similarly, we often only want something when someone else has it. If others did not have it, would you really want it? It may look lovely on Instagram or in other people’s posts, but it may look unflattering or hideous on you.

Finally, will you realistically use this item often? Will you really get wear out of that €1,200 cocktail dress? Or will you simply admire it from afar every month?

Be honest with yourself. We may want to have the celebrity goods, but they can afford to make that big purchase without a second thought.