Celebrity | Star beauty tips we can all steal

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With an army of beauty experts to advise on their every need, it is no wonder celebrities seem to have that perfect look. But us mere mortals can also use the same tips to emulate that flawless appearance.

Celebrities can spend €500 on a small moisturiser and not flinch or collapse with the shock, but that does not mean that they do not suffer from the same skin conditions as the rest of us.

And while most will never admit to using magic potions or surgery to maintain their appearance, they are open to sharing some of their beauty tips.

A good eye cream, for example, is Kate Winslet’s must have product when travelling, busy and stressed.

Always one to use and recommend alternative foods and treatments, Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of using omega-3 oil on her skin.

With features we can only crave for, Actress Liv Tyler shares the perfect tip for flawless skin. “After applying foundation and a little blush, dust your face with translucent powder, then mist skin with a rosewater spray and lay a Kleenex over for a second.”

Rachel Bilson dusts her cheeks and eyelids with bronzing powder for a natural glow.

To make lashes curl better, Australian actress Isla Fisher advises taking a hairdryer to your eyelash curler for a few seconds before using.

To make lips look naturally pink, Halle Berry suggests putting on red lipstick, wiping it off, and then applying clear gloss.

Some stars use unique beauty methods for their perfect look. Miranda Kerr, for example, uses lip balm as as a shimmery highlighter around her eyes.

For deep hair conditioning, Denise Richards puts avocado on her hair. To make this more effective, combine the avocado with one tablespoon of olive oil and slather onto strands of hair. Do no put on your scalp as this will make your hair look overly oily.