Celebrity | The rise of celebrity entreprenuers

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Whether it is a seasoned actor or reality star that lives off their 15 minutes of fame, celebrities don’t have to work too hard to retire in style. But some are eager to do more with their time and cash. 

The short shelf-life of some celebrities means they have no choice but to generate revenue from other sources. However, only a few manage to make it as celebrity entrepreneurs.

With seed capital that aspiring entrepreneurs can only dream of, it is somewhat easier for celebrities to turn their hands at running businesses. 

Take Magic Johnson, for example. The internationally recognised baseball star could have happily retired in the 90s with his millions in the bank. But the Lakers star strived for more. He is now one of the major franchisees of more than 70 Starbucks locations and is founder of the Magic Johnson Foundation. His business ventures were last valued at around three quarters of a billion dollars, with his fortune attributed to his clinical marketing, creativity and messaging.

Age is no obstacle for some celebrities, as testified by the success of the Olsen twins. The former Full House starlets may have lit up our screen with their angelic and charming faces but when it comes to business, they more than held their own against the odds. Capitalising on their positive brand, they built a billion dollar empire focused on fashion and beauty.

Another celebrity in this space is actress Jessica Alba. The ‘picture perfect’ mother set up her own natural products company to initially target the child’s product market, with this expanding into health and beauty.

On home soil, this celebrity turned entrepreneur trend continues. Former model Pippa O’Connor, for instance, is using her runway skills and style to run a profitable blog, roadshow concept and beauty products.

Similarly, models Roz Purcell and Rosanna Davison are also capitalising on their brand recognition and healthy living habits to build business portfolios.

And whatever a celebrity can do, we can do.