Celebrity | The Valentine gifts only celebrities can give

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A nice card. A bunch of roses. Cufflinks. While us mere mortals may gush at these small gifts, celebrities obviously tend to splash the cash a lot more to mark the occasion.

Are you pondering on what to buy your loved one for Valentine’s Day? When looking for inspiration, we often look at what the celebrities do. But obviously, we like to emulate it on a lower budget.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebrities tend to go all out to shower their loved ones with gifts.

Flowers are an obvious choice for Valentine’s. However, there is no need to splash out like Justin Bieber. He spent $2,000 on tulips, roses and daisies for his then girlfriend Selena Gomez for Valentine’s.

In 2011, Katy Perry bought then-husband Russell Brand a lilac-coloured Bentley Brooklands for their special V-Day together.

Before their split in 2010, Courteney Cox bought David Arquette an antique carousel horse, which was estimated to cost anywhere from $3,500 to $45,000.

In 2009, Jay-Z bought wife Beyonce a platinum-covered mobile phone that was reportedly worth $24,000.

Nick Cannon, ex-husband to Mariah Carey, treated his then wife to a traditional night with red and pink heart-shaped balloons, a horse-drawn carriage ride around New York City and a candlelit jacuzzi bath in 2012.

Of course, the Beckhams always go one better than everyone else. David Beckham once spoiled his wife Victoria with an $8 Million Bulgari necklace in 2006.

While the Beckhams do lavish, the Pitt’s do unconventional. To mark the occasion, Angelina Jolie once bought Brad Pitt a 200-year old olive tree for their French chateau that was reportedly worth $18,500.

And then there is Kanye and Kim. In 2013, Kanye surprised Kim with a $73,000 Panthere De Cartier cuff featuring a dazzling diamonds, emeralds, and sparkling white gold.

So, are you still thinking of following the celebrities for your Valentine’s Day gift?