Why we’re excited to read Holly Willoughby’s new book

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After having three children of her own, This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby knows a thing or two about parenting. But although she has just released her own parenting book, ‘Truly Happy Baby: It Worked For Me’, she doesn’t claim to know more than any other mum.

It’s not another celebrity thinking they know it all, instead Holly’s book sounds like it will give you a great laugh, while offering a few tips from a real mum too. Speaking about the book on Lorraine last week, the bubbly blonde TV presenter said that while there are lots of nice mother and baby moments in the book, it’s not all about cuteness either.

Sharing an example, the 35 year old said: “Some of the book is quite embarrassing. Like nobody talks about what happens when you go to the toilet for the first time after giving birth. They always hand you a glass of orange juice after, don’t drink it! Never drink anything acidic until after you’ve been.”

See what we mean?

Holly shares her advice on the first year of her baby’s life from having to carry out the floppy arm test (helping to tell you when to place your sleeping infant in their cot without waking them up) and a few stories of explosive nappies thrown in too. But this isn’t just any parenting book, because Holly is down to earth and without notions – so you can be guaranteed the book will be too.