Christmas| Will you get a real tree?

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Almost half of Irish households say they will be buying a real Irish Christmas tree this year. 

According to a survey by the Irish Christmas Tree Growers Association (ICTGA),  44 per cent of consumers are likely to opt for the real deal this festive season.

The survey notes the average spend by a household on a real Christmas tree is €43 while one third of households say a real tree is a Christmas tradition in their home.

Households are being encouraged to choose an Irish-grown tree.

Just look for the Love A Real Tree label, which will prove the tree was grown by a member of the ICTGA.

Never had a real tree before? Here are some tips on buying your first:

1. Avoid trees with a large number of dry or browning needles. These trees are already past their prime.
2. Gently stroke a branch on the tree to make sure the needles are flexible and remain.
3. Lift the tree a few inches and drop on the cut trunk. If the outer green needles fall off, then you shouldn’t buy.