Teddy Bear Treatment for Temple Street

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Little patients in Temple Street Hospital will have the chance to bring their beloved teddies for treatment at a special pop-up Teddy Bear Clinic throughout this month, thanks to The Zip Yard, the award winning high street tailoring service.

Teaming up with the children’s hospital, The Zip Yard’s seamstresses will become ‘surgeons’ for the day in support of Temple Street’s ‘Trick or Treat’ campaign.

Children around the country will also be offered a free ‘Teddy Bear Repair’ in each of the 26 shops nationwide for the entire month of October, so if your child’s beloved bear has a few holes, now is the perfect time to get them seen to.

The Zip Yard is hosting a ‘Trick or Treat’ drive in each of its 26 shops nationally on Friday 22nd October with 50% of total turnover that day being  donated to Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

Customers of The Zip Yard will be invited to join in the fun with a discount for tailoring their Halloween costumes, a unique Temple Street pin (for €2) and the opportunity to donate in each store’s collection pot.

For more information check out www.thezipyard.ie