The Face of Brandy 2016

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Four dogs from all corners of Ireland are now in the running to have their portrait on thousands of dog food packs across the country as part of a competition being run by Brandy dog food.

A border collie from County Galway, a cockapoo from Belfast and cross breeds from Dublin and Killarney have been chosen from hundreds of entries to represent Connaught, Ulster, Leinster and Munster in the overall final in a bid to be named the ‘Face of Brandy 2016’.

The overall winner will star on selected packs of Brandy Dog Food for three months with all four finalists winning a dedicated photoshoot with their prize pet, a printed photo in presentation box and, of course, a supply of Brandy Dog Food.

From Connaught, the finalist is the ‘Super friendly’ Daisy who lives with owner Sarah Adams and her partner Christopher in the town of Gort in south Galway.  Sarah received Daisy as a pup when her next door neighbour’s dog had a litter.  Now she is an invaluable member of the family, along with the couple’s other dogs – two staffordshire bull terriers called Honey and Trigger.  She loves playing with her ball and her favourite game is fetch.  Her best trick is ‘paw’ for which she is always rewarded with a special treat or two. She travels to work with Sarah every day and loves sitting in the front seat of the car.  She takes pride in her appearance too as she loves being groomed and is very partial to a neck scarf.


From Leinster is finalist, lurcher Nutmeg, who was rescued by owner Hannah Ridgeway from the Dogs Trust in March this year and now lives in Drumcondra, Dublin, with Hannah and her partner John.  She is loveable, friendly and loves people and kids.  She’s gentle, mischievous and funny and as soon as the doorbell rings she runs to grab her Frisbee and greet the guest at the front door.  She’s a typical pup who wants to play all the time and loves to go exploring before returning home to crash out together.  Running and cuddles are the top things that she enjoys and the only time she ever barks is when she’s hungry.  She absolutely loves her food, especially chicken and fish… and Brandy of course!


From Ulster, is ‘Dream’ dog Jessa cockapoo from north Belfast, was a Christmas present for seven year old Zac Gibson last December and since her arrival has become a very important member of the family.  So much so that when the Zac’s parents Joanne and Darren read about the on-pack Brandy competition, they had no hesitation entering Jess.  She loves cuddles, hates the rain and her favourite toy is an elephant that she’s had since the first day she arrived.  She also loves the bath and would stay in there all day if she could – but she goes crazy at the hairdryer and it usually takes two people to get her dried afterwards.  Unlike most puppies, Jess hasn’t chewed everything in the house but she’s still very mischievous and loves to steal underwear and socks off the radiator.

Jess from Belfast... Ulster winner in the Face of Brandy 2016 competition

And finally, from Munster, is Family dog Buddy, from Killarney in County Kerry is a Jack Russell cross breed and the only male in the final four.  Owner Jackie Toner says that Buddy is now a bone-a-fido member of the family which also consists ofdaughters Margaret, Fiona, Shannon and Grainne, and two more dogs Sam and Lucy.  He loves the kids, even if they can be a little rough with him sometimes.  When he was just six weeks old, they were playing with him in their arms and dropped him, and he twisted his paw – but he hasn’t let that get the better of him and he does everything that an able bodied dog would do.  Buddy is a very placid, friendly dog and loves getting loads of kisses and cuddles.