Food | Why Green Smoothies are the new Gold

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From Rosanna Davison to Donal Skehan, everyone has jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon of late. But why?

They do not look appealing and can be an acquired taste for many, but there is something about green smoothies that has everyone in a tizzy. Actually, there are a lot of things about the green drinks that has everyone consuming them in the morning.

The mix of spinach, kale, apples and a host of other green and other fruits and vegetables are proving the right tonic for your overall health and well being.

Green smoothies offer pure nutrition. The amount of vitamins you get depends on the fruits and vegetables you choose, however, most are in high in vitamin A and C.

Green smoothies are healthier than juices as they use the whole fruit and vegetables so you get all the fibre in your drink. This boost of vitamins and nutrients will give you the much needed energy boost in the mornings to kickstart your day.

If you feel you don’t have the time to get your five a day in, drinking a green smoothie is a great way of getting your intake without even realising it. Surprisingly, many children also love the taste of them so try to encourage yours to sample the drink before school.

A filling green smoothie normally contains the right amount of calories for one healthy meal. As the ingredients are generally low GI, they will keep your blood sugar levels low until lunch time helping you to cut out snacking altogether. As such, they are known to help those who want to maintain and manage their weight in a healthy manner.

They are also quick to mix up and easy to consume on the go. What is not to love about green smoothies?