Lifestyle | Are you doing it all wrong in the gym?

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Getting the motivation to go to the gym is hard enough but are you wasting your time and efforts by making mistakes? We look at where you could be going wrong in the gym. 

Are you a regular gym bunny sweating it out every week but failing to see the fruits of your hard labour?

Not spending enough time there may be the first mistake you think you are making but more often than not, time has nothing to do with your efforts.

A gym can be an intimidating place so it’s common to stick to the one machine you find most comfortable with. This habit, however, can hinder your progress. This repetition of movement can be your downfall as your body adapts to it and starts to burn less energy. Mixing up your workout helps you burn fat and develop muscle more efficiently.

Many of us loathe asking gym staff on how to use the equipment even when we don’t have any idea on how to work it. To ensure all your muscles go through the full range of motion and to avoid injury, you need to know the correct techniques associated with each piece of equipment.

Similarly, copying someone else’s routine can just be as dangerous, especially if they are at a higher fitness level than you. That small girl in front of you may be able to lift those weights but that does not mean you can too. Weight injuries are common amongst gym goers so ensure you are using the right ones.

How you warm up can make or break your workout before you even get started. A warm up should be specific to your workout for maximum benefit although many people prefer cardiovascular activity.

Maintaining focus can be hard in a gym, especially when there are so many TV screens and people floating around. Allocate a set period of time for your workout so you remain focused on the task.