How to start an exercise regime at any age

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No matter what stage of life you’re at, it’s never too late to start getting fit and keep healthy. It’s not all about joining a gym or attending regular classes, and you don’t have to exercise at set times. Whether you are doing housework, walking the dog or playing with your kids or grandchildren, there are plenty of ways to keep active on a daily basis, but often that’s not enough for you personally. If you are considering picking up a regular exercise, it doesn’t have to be full on and it doesn’t have to involve hefty membership fees. Here are a few ways to pick up fitness and exercises without too much interruption to your daily routine.

Start slowly. Whatever the exercise you choose to do, begin with just 10 or 15 minutes, rather than a full hour or half hour, and slowly work your way up as the weeks go forward.

Try group personal training. Many fitness centres and community centres offer group personal training as a way for people to feel more comfortable. Often these sessions will put people on a similar fitness level together so that there is no pressure to keep up with others. It’s cheaper than one on one sessions and a social activity too.

Get involved in the community. These days towns and villages offer a huge amount of classes locally including activities such as zumba, pilates, yoga, golf, tennis or general and they usually take place in schools or local halls. Check local noticeboards for information.

Download helpful apps. Pedometers are a great tool which can be a great motivator, but there plenty of free fitness apps you can try at home too.