3 ways to get your kids to help around the house

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If you have kids, chances are they spend a lot of time on their phones, playing video games, out playing with friends or spending time in their room, and not much time with you or helping out around the house. While you want them to enjoy the free time they have when they’re not in school, it’s still important for children to learn responsibility and get used to having to do house work too.

Here are 3 ways to get your kids motivated and active when it comes to housework.

Make it fun

It doesn’t sound like it’s possible but it can be. The best way to get kids motivated about something is to make it interesting, fun or to make them use their imagination. If you can turn a household chore into something encompassing any of those three, you’ve hit the jackpot. Try making the post-dinner clean up into a disco, letting one child choose the songs and the rest of the family dancing while they fill the dishwasher or wash the dishes. There are plenty of household jobs that can be made into something a little more exciting!

Make it challenging

Whether you decide to use a reward system or just play on your child’s competitive streak, try making a household chore a challenge to get your kids feeling engaged. Reward systems can be great but they don’t often work for long periods of time. Instead, get your child to finish a chore faster each time they do it, or create a competition to appeal to their competitive nature. Having to wash dishes can be boring but if they have to do it faster than their sibling did before them, they might be more inclined to break a sweat.

Change it up

Having to do the same jobs day in and day out can get very tiresome and boring, and chances are your child won’t want to keep doing it for long. And who can blame them? Ask them to do something new or swap household jobs between your children so they get to try something new. Or, if you’re really stuck, ask them to clean their sibling’s rooms instead to make it a little more exciting!