Beauty | Tricks to looking good in your 30s

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In your 30s, you can not get away with some of the clothes or hairstyles that you experimented with in your younger years. There are a few things you can do to look effortlessly chic during this exciting time of your life.

From professional to personal, your 30s can be the most challenging but rewarding and defining time of your life. And looking good in your 30s is a key part of whatever path you take.

During your 20s, it was easy to experiment with your make up and hair with wild colours and show-stopping cuts. But as you try to climb the career ladder or want to make an impression on others, you have to strike the balance between what suits your personality and what is acceptable in various social occasions. 

Find what colours, textures and styles of hair and make up that works best for you. These should highlight your best features and disguise the rest. This does not mean you should shy away from experimenting with colours, just be selective of where and how you wear it.

As we age, the skin between the eyes and the brows can look wrinkly so it is important to have perfectly defined and shaped eyebrows.

In our 30s, cell turnover is starting to slow down and environmental damage starts to take their toll. Regular microdermabrasion treatments are a great way of treating degenerated skin cells, while this also assists in lessening the signs of ageing by removing superficial fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration. Having monthly facials can keep your skin clean and refreshed.

As part of your daily skin regimen, cleanse your face twice at night – the first time will remove make up and the second time will remove grime and pollutants, leaving it hydrated.

Naturally, consumption of water and a diet rich in colourful fruits and vegetables will also help your skin and body remain in peak condition during these years.