Career | Beating the 3pm slump at work

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No matter how busy you are, it is hard to beat that 3pm slump. Coffee is not the only answer to overcoming that feeling of tiredness and lack of motivation and productivity.

What will you be doing at 3pm today? For some, it is at this time that you ‘hit the wall and when your mind and body seems to switch off from work.

Coffee or some sugar-rush foods have always been the quick-fix to this slump. For many, that simply does not cut it. So what does?

Moving around, according to HR experts, is one way to overcome that feeling of fatigue. A simple walk from your desk, and preferably outside, should have the desired effect as it stimulates your body and mind. Ideally, schedule this time to do specific errands that involves moving around, such as photocopying or tidying your desk.

You are your most focused and attentive in the morning so use this time for individual work and plan meetings and phone calls for the afternoon, around the 3pm mark.

Eating the right foods will help you keep focused throughout the day, but when your body is calling for an energy boost don’t go for the easy options of chocolate and fizzy drinks. Instead, munch on fruit, nuts or cheese to starve off the hunger.

Water, and lots of it will keep you hydrated and help your energy levels. Whatever you drink, use a beverage break to get up and walk from your desk.

While you may not be able to break out into a full downward dog yoga movement in the middle of your office space, you can do some stretching to release the tension in your muscles. Do a few to kickstart your body movements.

Even fast-paced entrepreneurs suffer from the afternoon slump. And what do they do? Listen to energising music is one of the more popular options. Well anything is worth a try!