Career | Is your boss affecting your health?

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When the movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ hit the cinema screens, almost everyone resonated with that feeling of having to deal with an irate and frustrating boss.

Everyone has had to deal with that one boss in their working life that lacks the leadership skills and compassion to manage people.

Most of us can look back in horror but laugh it off as a bad experience. It is often that one experience that will make you determined never to endure such hardship again.

For those that face it every day, it is a horrible struggle. This is especially true for those that are ‘stuck’ in their position due to various reasons.

There is a body of research linking bad bosses with bad worker health. Experiencing rudeness at work, and even replaying the event in your head later, elevates levels of hormones called glucocorticoids. This can lead to health issues, including increased appetite and obesity.

Stress contributes to a range of other diseases, including cardiovascular problems, ulcers and even the common cold.

In most circumstances, awful managers are just the result of a personality clash with an individual worker. However, there are some truly bad ones in the market. They can be aggressive, narcissistic or even violent.

Bar quitting, what can you do? Obviously, if the situation is bad, you must go to HR or someone who is in a higher position. Most employers do not want conflict in teams and should facilitate a move to another team or some other compromise.

Instead of focusing your energy on your boss, use that to complete your tasks. Get as much as you can from the role so you can advance in your career, with or without your boss. That feeling of accomplishment and success will motivate you.

Unplug from your work phone and email as soon as you leave the office, especially at the weekend.

If all else fails, look for other opportunities.