Career | Coping with a job you hate

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Everyone has that one role that they absolutely loathe, with walking away not a feasible option thanks to life commitments. Learn to cope before these feelings overwhelm you.

Do you feel like crying when that alarm goes off in the morning, and spend your days counting down to the weekend? Being in a job that you dislike can quickly turn from sporadic feelings of hatred to consuming your every thought, and affecting your physical, mental and emotional health.

As most people say, the only person that can change your situation is you. Now that economic conditions are changing, it is a good time to look for new opportunities. In the meantime, learning to cope in your current job is the only way to get through the day. But how?

Stressed and busy employees all over the world use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help cope. There are many mindfulness apps and books that can help you seek positive thoughts in the face of adversity, with tips on meditation and how to eradicate the negativity in your life.

Depending on your working relationship with your bosses, it may be a good idea to talk to them on how you feel. There are some situations in which they may be able to help, such as allowing you to work at home on certain days or moving your office. More employers are concerned about the well being of their staff so they may be a lot more sympathetic than you think.

Be proactive, but remain dedicated to your current role. While the job search can be intensive and emotional, you still need to maintain a good working relationship in your current role for future references.

Thoughts of your job will occupy your mind 24/7 if you are not doing any other activities. Use your time outside of work to help your mental health, and your job hunting. Undertaking a new course to upskill, for instance, is one of the best to ways to keep distracted and help you land your next dream job.

Finally, talk to others and take some time out. Taking a break from your position will allow you to assess whether it is really the role that is having an impact on you, or if you just need a break. Talk to others who are or have been in a similar position. Most people have been, so you may be able to pick up some more tips and tricks to endure this time.