Career | Don’t dismiss a lateral move

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Moving up the ladder is not the only route to success in your career. A lateral move can prove the real stepping stone to a fulfilling role, and happiness.

The only way is up. Or so we have traditionally been led to believe when it comes to our careers.

But opportunities are not always there, and you may not want the responsibility and pressure that tends to come with higher positions. This does not mean, however, that you have to remain in your own role forever.

A lateral move may be the best opportunity for you to embrace a new challenge, and stepping stone to whatever role you do want to eventually achieve.

A lateral move will help you broaden your skills. For instance, if you are in a PR role and transitioning into a digital marketing role, you have to understand and learn new skills that will help you fulfil this position.

A new environment and people helps you to build a new network of people. Making new connections and working with other people can leverage for career advancement.

At some stage in your career, you will feel bored with your work or you do not get along with manager or co-workers. Switching roles and working environment can help both your wellbeing and career. You may learn a lot more from a new team and meet mentors that can help you achieve what you want in your career.

If you do plan on eventually achieving a higher position, moving around in different roles and learning aspects of a business can give you the experience and exposure required for such a position.

Sometimes your strengths and skills may not be fully utilised in a job. A lateral move could be the best way to give you the opportunity to finally use these skills, allowing others to see your real attributes.